Saturday: Deep Sugar: Anniversary Reboot

Dec. 10

The Paradox is dead, long live the Paradox! But wait now—it's not quite dead because here's another show in the legendary Baltimore dance club sort of kind of slated for demolition and allegedly closed only not, at least one more time, because owner Wayne Davis has according to the organizer of this classic house event "been able to secure the operating licenses and permits" for another show. It's a special one though, the 13th anniversary show for Ultra Naté's Deep Sugar, one of those events that helped the city weather those years when house music still mattered but wasn't quite in vogue elsewhere. So live it up at the Dox one more time, for maybe the last time—who really fucking knows, who really fucking cares—with Ultra, Lisa Moody, and Wayne Davis himself spinning. 11 p.m., The Paradox, 1310 Russell St., (410) 837-9110,, $12-$18. (Brandon Soderberg)

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