Saturday: David London's Magic Outside the Box

Dec. 26

You may think that magic shows are just for kids and people who go on cruises, but magic is for wizards. That Harry Potter spin-off is coming, so move over vampires or astronauts or whatever fantasy human-ish type thing is in right now; sorcery is back. Baltimore-based performer David London, whose magic shows and "Creative Spirit Séance" have titillated the imaginations of audiences around the country, infuses his performances with puppetry, comedy, storytelling, philosophy, and "that which cannot be defined." "Magic Outside the Box" is composed of pieces from London's favorite acts, which previously have included celebrity appearances by Satan. What better way to follow up the holiest day of the year? 8 p.m., Baltimore Theatre Project, 45 W. Preston St., (410) 752-8558,, $45 general admission; $25 students, seniors, artists, and wizards. (Maura Callahan)

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