Saturday: Baltimore Vintage Expo

June 4

I sometimes feel like the folks working at local vintage shops—like Bottle of Bread, Milk & Ice, Keepers, and The Hunting Ground, to name a few—know me better than most, in a way. Over the years, they've watched me completely abandon my sense of responsibility and self-control on too many occasions. I go in thinking I'm just going to see if they have new old jeans that fit me, or I'm just gonna go smell those homemade candles, and I leave with a new wardrobe and my girlfriend in tow, silently judging me for being so reckless (she's respectful enough not to actually say anything). But there's something about buying vintage and antiques from as old as two centuries to just 20 years ago that's just so much more satisfying than buying new—it's as much about building a kind of cabinet of wonders as it is about channeling Cher, or Rosie the Riveter, or Prince, or whoever. Bringing vintage stores and antique dealers all over Baltimore and beyond, the Baltimore Vintage Expo promises to have not just lacey dresses and hats, but also 19th century apothecary cabinets, a Victorian opera cape, old photos, early edition books, and an R. Crumb-illustrated copy of Bukowski's "Bring Me Your Love." You've been warned. 11 a.m.-6 p.m., The Ideal Arts Space, 905 W. 36th St., (Maura Callahan)

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