Saturday: ART + CRUSH: Elliott Jerome Brown Jr.

Nov. 5

It's an important step for artists to own or reconcile their inspirations and influences (like, honestly, I look to Maggie Nelson's and Anne Carson's writing so much for their multi-layered and multidimensional prose, full of so many paths for me to take as a reader)—so I always look forward to Platform's annual "art + crush" show, where an artist chooses a few other artists they admire, resulting in something more homey and sweet than your average group show, like a rollicking, supportive, mutually beneficial artistic lovefest. This year's show (which, full disclosure, is put on by my friends Lydia Pettit and Abigail Parrish) features Elliott Jerome Brown Jr., whose lush photographs and video work explore tender moments in black, queer identities. Joining him are his crushes: fiber artist Aqeel Malcolm; performance artist Joiri Minaya; photographer Matthew Morrocco; and Kameelah Rasheed, whose text-based series "How to Suffer Politely" delivers a potent rebuke of those who try to stifle black folks' anger and protests against systemic, anti-black racism. Opening reception 6-9 p.m., through Nov. 27, Platform Gallery, 116 W. Mulberry St.,, free. (Rebekah Kirkman)

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