Saturday: 9th Annual DIY Fest

Sept. 3

Before you buy that $30 eyeshadow palette or $15 artisinal jam, know that you can make these and much more on your own. Also, stop spending $300 dollars on a week's worth of groceries at Whole Foods, for fucks sake. Baltimore is host to many experts on living cheaply and making your own stuff, so take a day to learn how to eat healthy on a budget, make your own makeup, can your own food, grow your own mushrooms, even make your own games and train your own dumb dog. All of these workshops and many more are held at this year's DIY Fest along with tons of craft and zine vendors. Everything—except surgery—is much more satisfying with you do it yourself. Noon-6 p.m., Space 2640, 2640 St. Paul St.,, free. (Maura Callahan)

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