Saturday: 92Q Summerjam with Young Thug and Young Jeezy

July 23

Recently, Atlanta rapper Young Thug starred in a Calvin Klein commercial in which he declared that "there is no such thing as gender." If the culture took hip-hop seriously at all, this was the sort of thing that would've led to endless OMG BuzzFeed posts and thinkpieces. Of course, those in the know weren't even surprised by this declaration. Over the past few years, Thug has been breaking about every binary in hip-hop, exploring in-betweens be it fashion (he sometimes sports dresses) or in his music, where he sometimes reduces his rapping to what sounds like an almost wordless warble, a pentecostal pile of shouts, yelps, and screams. Kind of related: He also made a Black Power imagery-packed video for his song 'For My People.' He is complicated. Or as Larry Mizell Jr. said in The Stranger: "He's either rap's arch troll, the first superstar rapper to posit a fluid definition of sexuality and gender, or someone simply raised without a single solitary fuck to spare (he did say he Came from Nothing, after all). Or all three." I guess what I'm saying is, it's weirdly perfect he's in town the week of Pride. Also on the bill tonight is Young Jeezy, an early hero of stomping trap music. 7 p.m., Pier Six Pavillion, 731 Eastern Ave., (410) 783-4189,, $50-$300. (Brandon Soderberg)

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