Saturday: 10th Annual Baltimore DIY Fest

Sept. 2

There's great satisfaction in doing something yourself, whether it's fixing that leaky sink, building a table, booking a show, or just about anything. A big part of it is getting over that learning curve the first time and finally having everything fall into place. There's always more to learn, though, and the 10th Annual DIY Fest provides workshops on brewing beer; upkeep for computers, bicycles, and cars; how to make various foodstuffs; how to take care of yourself; and so much more. If you're feeling a little lazy and/or intimidated, there will be more than 30 vendors there selling the things they made themselves. And once all this great knowledge has been dispensed, there will be a great DIY show with the bands PLRLS, Gateway to Hell, Stay Wild, The Flying Faders, and Cannibal Boom at the Baltimore Free Farm starting at 8 p.m. Noon-6 p.m., 2640 Space, 2640 St. Paul St.,, free. (Brandon Weigel) 

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