Monday-Sunday: Light City

March 28-April 3

I don't know how to feel about Light City (full disclosure: City Paper is a Light City media sponsor). On one hand, it's this massive, new festival that's full of plenty of exciting and often politically-engaged events and performances and so on (an installation by Paul Rucker, a performance by Dan Deacon, Fluid Movement doing something at the McKeldin Fountain) and there seems to be a lot of interesting sub-events such as Beet Trip at Mondawmin Mall.  But on the other hand, so many of the people behind it don't do themselves any favors by saying unwise stuff about how they think the city needs this and so on. Meanwhile, the media has for the most part just repeated its press releases and bought into this idea that simply because it exists that's good for the city, which we should be very skeptical of especially in light of recent conversations surrounding planned tax breaks to Port Covington and the TIF given to UMD Biopark. The simple presence of big expensive projects is not charity and arguing that it is ain't all that different than trickle-down economics type stuff. We should be suspicious of all this logrolling, okay? So, enjoy yourself, there's a lot of cool shit to see at Light City, and it's practically inescapable, but let's stop pretending this thing is already a momentous occasion or that it's some kind of political act. I hope Light City's great and if so, I hope there are many more. But for now we will see. The Inner Harbor and the rest of downtown and almost fucking everywhere, (410) 752-8632,, free. (Brandon Soderberg)

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