Monday: CoHosts II: Kimberly Drew & Platform Gallery

Dec. 12

Kimberly Drew, the current social media manager for the Metropolitan Museum of Art (as well as the founder of the popular Black Contemporary Art blog), has a lot to say about platforms, power, and institutions, all based on her own experience. "I learned so much from institutional structures," she said in a recent interview with The Creative Independent. "I want to be able to take that knowledge to build new structures, ones that are better for traditionally underserved people." Drew makes a good argument that you can indeed work to dismantle oppression from within the institution, that it comes down to being accountable to yourself and others in the present moment. "A lot of people want this dismantled system," she continues, "but if you don’t actually learn how those systems operate, you’re kind of stuck out of luck." Tonight, the artist-run Platform Gallery introduces Drew in the next installment of The Contemporary's CoHosts speaker series. 7-9 p.m., Baltimore School for the Arts, 712 Cathedral St., (443) 388-8980,, free. (Rebekah Kirkman)

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