Friday: True Laurels Issue 01 Celebration

May 6

Last month, writer and promoter Lawrence Burney (a frequent City Paper contributor and friend to the paper) along with Nia Hampton (also a contributor to the paper), Antonio Hernandez, and Khadija Adell received $5000 from the Contemporary's GRIT Fund for the zine True Laurels—which by the way, full disclosure, I have contributed to in the past and will inevitably contribute to in the future. The zine, which began in 2013, was previously put together by Burney on his dime (I can recall donating my printer to Burney one day to run off a bunch of issues in time for an event when it just seemed like his printer was not communicating with his computer) and mixed critical essays, sharp music reviews, and savvy photography to fold the national and international music scenes with Baltimore's scene. Perhaps the best element of the zine is the "Diaries" in which Burney handed over a page or two to an artist to give you a view into a week or day in their life. Now, with some money behind it and a higher-profile, True Laurels returns, looking a little snappier and, with more resources, a more frequent publishing schedule. Celebrate the latest issue at Impact Hub—the "diary" from JPEGMAFIA is something else. 6 p.m., Impact Hub, 10 E. North Ave., (443) 821-7482,, free. (Brandon Soderberg)

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