Friday-Sunday: Aphorisms On Gender

April 1-3

So, this one day in one of my vaguely-themed seminar classes in college, we got on the topic of gender, and the professor complained about the insistence that he use "they" as a singular pronoun for those who request it. He was OK with binary trans people—he would call anyone by their preferred pronoun so long as it was "he" or "she," which I guess made him feel pretty advanced for an old cis guy. But as far as he was concerned, "they" was gramatically incorrect. So our class had to school him—our professor—on the fact that it doesn't matter if he finds it's too hard to recognize someone's identity; also "they" as a singular pronoun is totally grammatically correct; also who fucking cares, our language is kind of garbage sometimes and it's limited and we should make it work for us. Anyway, everyone who doesn't identify as purely "he" or "she" has to deal with this stupid, constant resistence to a word, and that doesn't even count the eye-rolling resistence to their identities altogether. As a part of its Trans* Voices Workshop Series in collaboration with Iron Crow Theatre, Cohesion Theatre presents this new play by co-founder Alice Stanley that expresses the experience of this kind of rejection. All performances will follow with a talkback with the cast, crew, and playwright. 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday, 4 p.m. Sunday, The Church on the Square, 1025 S. Potomac Ave.,, $5-$7. (Maura Callahan)

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