Friday: Save Your Soul's Taxday Dance Party

April 15

What unites The Beatles, Johnny Cash, James Brown, and Kanye West? They all hated paying taxes! Or at least they complained about it in song. A quick run down: The Fab Four, flush with cash after exploding across the world, famously lamented paying up on 'Taxman.' The Man in Black complained that working folks couldn't take vacations "’Cause by the time your good old Uncle Sam gets done/You’ve got just enough for gas/To see them city limits pass/And if you get back home fourth class/I’d say you won." The Godfather of Soul knew that "It's Hell paying taxes/ When there's no money left." And, on 'To The World,' Yeezy pointed out loopholes for the rich, rapping "Mitt Romney don't pay no tax." Suffice it to say filing your taxes sucks. But now that you're done—or have filed an extension—and have resigned yourself to a small return, it's time to dance your tax woes away with DJ Rob Macy of Save Your Soul. Fittingly, there's no cover at the door. Your wallet's been hurt enough. 8 p.m., Mount Vernon Marketplace, 520 Park Ave., (888) 897-8859,, free. (Brandon Weigel)

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