Friday: Post Pink, Big Eyes, Max Levine Ensemble, Spill

Jan. 22

Film critic Manny Farber penned a seminal essay in 1962 titled "White Elephant Art vs. Termite Art," which sought to place value on small movies which burrowed into a topic (like a termite) over the sprawling ambitious of big-budget, Hollywood epics and melodramas (which occupy critical and commercial space like a big obnoxious elephant getting in everybody's way). The essay is, like all manifestos, not really something to live by, but rather something to heavily consider. And the appeal of "termite art" over "white elephant art" is worth considering. Don't be tricked by grandiosity and sprawl, basically. I was thinking about all of this when City Paper did its year-end Top Ten issue and Post Pink's (pictured) excellent "Too Pooped To Pip" didn't make the list. Why didn't more of us vote for it? Because it's a 10-minute, six-song demo? Fuck that reasoning. The foursome, which features two members of Big Mouth and Sam Whitelaw of the now-broken-up Crimson Wave, chews on subgenres such as lo-fi punk and noise rock and riot grrrl and jangle pop and touches on important issues such as men objectifying young women and allegedly less important things like the tiny little rewards of romance (from ‘I Want To Believe’: "I love watching TV with you/ I love TV, and I love you"). It's termite art that I'll take over most white elephant art for sure. Also on the bill for this show: Big Eyes, Max Levine Ensemble, and Spill. 9 p.m., Metro Gallery, 1700 N. Charles St., (410) 244-0899,, $10. (Brandon Soderberg)

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