Friday: "People4People" closing reception

July 29

This month's Alloverstreet was hyper-collaborative—even more so than normally—as it partnered with the collective Earthseed and the Station North Arts and Entertainment District to put on a block party, featuring a zine workshop by True Laurels, dance workshops from Akimbo, a clothing swap, horse rides, and, among many other things, the show "People4People" at Gallery CA. If you missed the block party earlier this month (as I did), be sure to swing by tonight for a sample of that night's energy and see artwork by local artists Pierre Bennu, Theresa Chromati, Diamond Dixon, Jeffrey Kent, Viveca Licata, Devin M. Morris, Victor Torres, Shannon Wallace, and Wickerham & Lomax.  7-9 p.m., Gallery CA, 440 E. Oliver St.,, free. (Rebekah Kirkman)

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