Friday: Old Lines, Asylum, Curse, Humanmania

Dec. 4

The doom-synth duo Curse is one of the most exciting bands in the city as far as I'm concerned. Earlier this year, its track 'Between The Wardrobe and The Wall' popped up in my singles column and I described its charms like this: "Standout on Girl Problem Records’ inaugural 7-inch 'The Wheel' from electro-doom duo Curse sounds like Nico singing a Dan Deacon-produced cover of Men Without Hats' 'The Safety Dance' backed by the drum track from Burning Witch’s 'Crippled Lucifer,' or some shit? I don’t know, man." Those are all good things, in case that isn't clear. There is also the duo's love of Kesha, which we share, and which they turned into a very cool black-metal-influenced T-shirt, the proceeds for which went to Ride for the Feast, a bicycle ride benefiting Moveable Feast. Also on the bill is Asylum, Humanmania, and soaring hardcore band Old Lines, whose song 'Midnight In Baltimore' is one of the best tracks to address the uprising. 9 p.m., the Sidebar, 218 E. Lexington St., (410) 659-4130, (Brandon Soderberg)

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