Friday: No Sleep Till Baltimore

July 7

With the beer-swigging braggadocio of the frat boys they claimed to be mocking, three New York City Jews, Adam Yauch, Mike Diamond, and Adam Horovitz, changed the history of hip-hop and pop forever as the Beastie Boys. Their hard-partying, bratty 1987 debut album, "Licensed to Ill," became the first rap full-length ever to hit No. 1, and many other accolades followed, among them a spot opening for Madonna that included a large inflatable penis as a stage prop. As the Beastie Boys matured over the years, taking on more serious subject matter and weaving in a bevy of cultural references gleaned from hours spent watching Nick at Nite, all without losing their signature silliness, they distanced themselves from the misogynistic and fratty elements of their first album. Eventually, though, even they couldn't deny that a lot of the songs on there are stone-cold classics. Local talents Eze Jackson, Drew Scott, MC Bravado & Cypher Junkies, Berko Lover, and Guy Grams, just to name a few, will be the posse in effect to perform a live tribute to the album. And proceeds are going toward a good cause: helping local producer John Bachman, aka Jumbled, and his wife adopt a child. What's the time? It's time to get ill. 8 p.m., The Ottobar, 2549 N. Howard St., (410) 662-0069,, $12. (Brandon Weigel)

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