Friday: "Marx in Soho"

Sept. 2

Karl Marx was not the almost mythical figure who your philosophy major ex worshipped and attempted to emulate and resemble. He was not even his revolutionary social and political theory, Marxism. He was a guy with a family, trying to survive as the world around him seemed on the verge of collapse. In his one-man biographical play "Marx in Soho," "A People's History of the United States" author and historian Howard Zinn brings Marx back from the dead to what was supposed to be his old home of Soho, London. But due to an error made by the authorities of the hereafter, Marx instead pays a fun visit to the Capitalist center of the world—modern day New York City. Kicking off Spotlighters' 55th season, Phil Gallagher stars as Marx as your douche ex never knew him. Through Sept. 18, Spotlighters Theatre, 817 St. Paul St., (410) 752-1225,, $18-$22. (Maura Callahan)

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