Friday: Little Italy Open Air Film Festival: “Moonstruck”

July 7

Pop icon and Twitter mom/poet Cher’s Oscar-winning performance in “Moonstruck” as a very, very Italian-American widow from a very, very Italian-American family is as big and memorable as, well, her hair. After losing her husband, Loretta Castorini is done with love, settling for the first drab fellow to get down on one knee (well, after she insists he propose that way; she believes her failure to follow tradition in her first marriage was what cursed it), until—overnight—she falls for his estranged younger brother, Ronny, played by a baby-faced Nicolas Cage. If you ask me, Ronny is rather unappealing, insane really—he has a long-held grudge against his brother, who he blames for the loss of his fiancee and his hand because he’d been talking to his brother on the phone when he got his hand caught in a slicer; his fiancee left soon after. Cher could do so much better. But aside from his wounded masculinity, good lord dramatic much temper, and generally smelly-looking appearance, at least Cher and Cage made it acceptable in Hollywood, if only briefly, for a young leading man to be paired with an older, graying woman with a thick accent. There’s no better way to view this classic on love, infatuation, and famiglia than at the kick-off screening for Little Italy’s annual outdoor film series, where you can cozy up to your own Cher or Nic or a dozen dogs (you know, like Loretta’s nonno in the movie) surrounded by the smell of fresh cannoli from the nearby pastry shop. Live music at 7 p.m., movie at 9 p.m., High and Stiles streets,, free. (Maura Callahan)

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