Friday: Legal Defense Fundraiser For Keith Davis Jr.

April 1

Back in June of 2015, Keith Davis Jr. was shot three times after Baltimore Police officers, who believed he attempted to rob a hack cab driver, chased him from the scene of the alleged crime to a garage where they fired more than two dozen shots at him as Davis allegedly pointed a gun at police. He then spent 200-plus days awaiting trial (Maryland law says a right to speedy trial must be held within 180 days) before it went to trial last month where Davis was ultimately found not guilty in 15 of 16 charges. He was however convicted of possession of a fire arm with a felony conviction—a charge that was added to the case about five months after the other charges. About a week after Davis Jr.'s trial ended, he was charged with the murder of a 22-year-old man, stemming from ballistics records matching the gun Davis Jr. had to the murder. Davis Jr.'s attorney, Latoya Francis-Williams, and activists have questioned the timing of the charges and the charges themselves. All of which is to say this is a complicated case that is not going away. It also means Davis will have to pay lawyer fees, so join rappers Son of Nun and Eze Jackson, poets Tariq Touré and Mohaem Tall, and many others, for a night of performances, music, and food (including Shorty's BBQ) all to benefit Davis Jr.'s legal defense fund. 6:30 p.m., 514 N. Charles St., $10. (Brandon Soderberg)

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