Friday: Kemet Dank and DAFHU

Oct. 23

We've been a big fan of Kemet Dank since City Paper contributor Karen Peltier hipped us to the posi weed rapper's mixtape from January, "Its Super Lit" (since then, he has released around 80 other songs). Heck, we even stuck Kemet on the cover of our summer Big Music Issue and then Kemet went ahead and made a music video for his song '#Trending Topic,' in which he runs around, proudly waving his City Paper cover, and after that, he had a very, very special place in our mostly cold, dead alt-weekly hearts. See him perform his semi-improvised rant raps about everything from sexual conquests to why you should only eat free-range eggs with his rap crew DAFHU, which stands for "Dank As Fuck Hashed Up," though it also stands for "Desire To Feel Happiness Unconditionally," he told Peltier in that Big Music Issue article. 8:30 p.m., The "All-New" Taste Lounge, 4314 Curtis Ave., (443) 615-5957, $15. 

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