Friday: "Female Trouble"

Sept. 9

The sloppiest and gnarliest of the early John Waters movies—and that's really saying something—1974's "Female Trouble" is the anarchic follow-up to "Pink Flamingos." Even more of a whirl of weirdness than other Waters movies, here you see: Divine sexually assault herself, playing both her character, the obnoxious teeny-bopper Dawn Davenport and Earl, the creep who picks her up and takes advantage; an extended trampoline routine by Divine; and some shootings, acid-throwing, and hand-chopping. It is being screened in 35mm by the John Hopkins University Film Society one day before the Charles screens Waters' pre-"Pink Flamingos" feature, "Multiple Maniacs." 8 p.m., Johns Hopkins University, Shriver Hall, 3101 Wyman Park Drive,, $5 general admission, free for JHU students and friends of the Maryland Film Fest. (Brandon Soderberg)

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