Friday: CreativeMornings/Baltimore: Labbodies

Aug. 19

In the city home to John Waters and other, lesser-known practicioners of the unusual, it's hard to know what the word "weird" really means, if anything at all. But if anyone can approach some kind of definition, it might be LabBodies, a performance art curatorial project based in Baltimore. For many not imbedded in the art world, performance art has a reputation of being "weird" or otherwise unapproachable—Chris Burden shooting himself in the arm with a rifle, Carolee Schneemann pulling a scroll out of her vagina, that kind of thing. Dr. H. Corona and Dr. A. Pinkston, the minds behind LabBodies, have broken down those stigmas and barriers with their solo and group shows highlighting Baltimore's diverse performance art and artists. Most recently, LabBodies put together the second annual "Borders, Boundaries, and Barricades" performance art review, showcasing performances and performance art ephemera across four nights at Space Camp, where we saw a performance combining magic and DJing by Kariz Marcel and Alexander D'Agostino's "Serial Killer Ballet," among other things. Hear the LabBodies docs speak on the topic of "weird" over breakfast from The Room and coffee from Dooby's at the latest installment of Creative Mornings. 8:30 a.m., Penthouse Gallery, The CopyCat Building, 1501 Guilford Ave.,, free. (Maura Callahan)

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