Friday: "Concussion"

Dec. 25

So, OK, here's the thing: Football shouldn't be around anymore. It is a fundamentally fucked-up and unsafe game. It has proven time and time again to shorten athletes' lives and often for very little gain. Most players don't make all that much money, really, and even when they do it is for a very short time before they retire or get injured and leave the game. And often, to get into the pros, players spend their college years playing more than studying (and often the players are only at said colleges because of their athleticism, but that is a whole other story, the way that college football is a kind of cruel indentured servitude). All of this stuff is bubbling to the surface a bit more these days, and though the game generates too much money to just disappear, the conversation has started. I imagine this conversation will become even harder to avoid when Will Smith vehicle "Concussion," about Bennet Omalu, a forensic pathologist who battled the NFL's attempts to suppress his research about the brain damage players endured, comes out. "Concussion" is directed by Peter Landesman, who wrote 2014's "Kill The Messenger," about journalist Gary Webb and his attempts to expose the alleged connection between the CIA and cocaine coming into the United States. Opens on Dec. 25 at AMC Loews White Marsh 16, AMC Owings Mills 17, AMC Security Square 8, and elsewhere. (Brandon Soderberg)

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