Friday: Broken Bone Bathtub

Aug. 19

Brooklyn-based playwright/performer Siobhan O'Loughlin travels around the country, performing this immersive piece, where she plays a woman who has recently been involved in a bike accident. She sets this up in an actual bathtub in someone's home, and you, the audience, play the role of her friends, talking with her as she warms up to you and tells her story—before you help her take a bath. In a trailer for the performance, a voice asks a series of questions about what we do to deal with different kinds of personal trauma, whether we seek refuge in faith or other people's care, or books or advice, whether we're resigned "that we are actually alone," and so on—calling to mind the stringy relationships between intimacy, empathy, and performativity. O'Loughlin's Baltimore performances also feature "environmental design" by local artist Amanda Burnham. Through Sept. 4, location announced after ticket purchase,, $18-$45. (Rebekah Kirkman)

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