Friday: Bad Canoes, Saddle of Centaur, Short Skirt

July 1

I recently saw New Jersey punk trio Screaming Females for the first time at the Windup Space. Going in, my friend who had seen them perform previously said "it's like seeing Van Halen." That assessment turned out to be no exaggeration in terms of the show's force, though Screaming Females is really in a world of its own. Lead singer and guitarist Marissa Paternoster shredded till her fingers were bloody, and her low, trembling wail reverberated in a way that made the small club feel not so much like an arena as the face-melting pit of a volcano. Paternoster also performs as the lead vocalist of the girl group Bad Canoes—whose 2014 EP "Sisterhood is Powerful" is the ideal soundtrack for hexing shitty males or getting matching tattoos with your girls—playing tonight alongside local rock 'n roller girl squad Saddle of Centaur and femme punk trio Short Skirt. A highlight from Bad Canoe's love song 'D'Arcy's Boots': "can your mom pick me up near macy's @ 4?/ we got to 2nd base but i wanna score/ on yr basement couch watching MTV2/ you're a hot mall goth and I LUV U." 9 p.m., Joe Squared, 33 W. North Ave., (410) 545-0444,, $8. (Maura Callahan)

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