Friday: Andrew Bernstein, Anna & Elizabeth, Tigue, and Alpenglow

March 11

Andrew Bernstein, best known for his work with Afro-pop-meets-krautrock group Horse Lords, celebrates the arrival of his latest release, "The Great Outdoors," which hey, I've not heard it yet, but I'm not sure if I'm ready because I'm still digesting last fall's "Cult Appeal," a collection of interconnected tracks mixing saxophone honk with minimalist moans and drones. Imagine a sleepy Peter Brotzman honking his heart out and playing along to the score to "Solaris" and you're like halfway there. Accompanying "The Great Outdoors" is "a suite of audio-visual websites" which fits the kind of '70s high-brow mass-market paperback design of the cover art and hopefully their geometric psychedelia will accompany Bernstein's performance (you can check them out 8 p.m., The 5th Dimension, 405 W. Franklin St., 5th Floor, $5-$10 sliding scale. (Brandon Soderberg)

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