Friday: 24th Annual Pancake Eating Contest

Nov. 20

If your dream isn't to win a pancake-eating contest on live television, then what are you really living for? Family? Love? Fuck that; it's all about eating so many pancakes that you become, in essence, a pancake. Not just any pancakes, but the pankcakes at Pete's Grille: the fluffiest, goldenest flapjacks in Baltimore. And there's a cash prize. There are men's and women's division, but dudes, I've been feasting on these cakes long enough to seriously extend the elasticity of my gut, so watch out. The sign-up period ended last Monday, but you can still observe the contestants demolish their stacks. If you're lucky, you mind even catch a loose cake. 7 a.m., Pete's Grille, 3130 Greenmount Ave., (410) 467-7698,, $20 entrance fee. (Maura Callahan)

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