Dec. 6-11: "A Christmas Story, The Musical"

Some families have this 1983 classic playing nonstop on their TV screen—and I suppose it is this take on the consummate dysfunctional family that makes all our own family dramas (revived and heightened with holiday gatherings) just a little easier to swallow. That uncle that irritates the hell out of you for his support of the NRA? Just think of him as an all grown up little Ralphie; he was cute once and his mother loved him and he can’t help it if the world has relentlessly warped him with the cruel march of time. And now that we have all seen the movie 80 million gazillion times, the Hippodrome is bringing us the Broadway musical version. Take your Uncle Ralph along. The Hippodrome Theatre, 12 N. Eutaw Street, (800) 343-3103,, $53-$524. (Karen Houppert)

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