Future Fest

March 27-28

No doubt you're sick of City Paper's Station North-is-like-"Blade Runner" theorizing, but look man, it's totally true, especially when you're standing in the center of a hyper-diverse room at a dance, noise, or rap show in our wonderful, crumbling city and when you're a lil' too drunk or high or just geeked up on experimental sounds, it really does feel like some gloriously fucked-up future. Organizer and member of broken folk project Eu1ogy Radell Moyd-Kane, along with co-organizers Andrew McClaymount and Louis Atuonah, apparently feel the same way and organized Future Fest, featuring more than 40 acts over two days at two different venues, with a heavy focus on locals and a number of similarly minded nearby acts and, on Saturday night, visuals from Gaia. The headliners are darkwave rapper Cities Aviv, who fuses the buck music energy of his hometown of Memphis with rattling sci-fi techno sounds, and Pictureplane (pictured), a cyberpunk house-pop hero and, in many ways, an adopted Baltimorean (he had a lizard-people-themed art show at Terrault Contemporary back in November). Other big-ish names include Rye Rye, The Sneaks, Butch Dawson, Hi$to, and Black Zheep DZ. Our don't-miss picks: Baltimore's TRNSGNDR/VHS, whose tape "Condominium," released earlier this month, blends gentle, distorted samples with gabber-like beats and counters with some black metal noise; and Brooklyn's Mind Dynamics, a duo who rest in front of a Dan Deacon-like mess of gear and improvise industrial-tinged dance songs. March 27 at 9 p.m., The Windup Space, 12 W. North Ave., (410) 244-8855, $10. March 28 at 12 p.m., The Hour Haus, 135 W. North Ave., (410) 539-2328, futurefestbaltimore.com, $20 for one-day pass, $25 for two-day pass. (Brandon Soderberg)

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