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"Corrupt Images" Jan. 2

Andrew Laumann, the Dope Body frontman and a long-time active member of the arts scene, debuts "Corrupt Images," his second solo exhibition in Baltimore. Though Laumann's earlier work was photographic, he has recently been working more with paint, intermixing his minimalistic images with sculptural and photographic elements. In doing so, he emphasizes a gripping confluence of "corrupted" cultural symbols and punk imagery to relay the abrasive nature of our city. These may be the best images of corruption outside of City Hall. Plus, the gallery promises this collection will be "ORGANIC," "GRASS FED," and "CAGE FREE" as well as "PURE WHITE FUCKING HEAT." 7:30-9:30 P.M., Terrault Contemporary, 1515 Guilford Ave., (336) 707-5511,, free. (Theo Salem-Mackall)

Courtesy of Andrew Laumann
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