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Pretzel Logic examples:

1) Freddie Gray and others died in police custody, therefore it’s ok to loot and destroy businesses, especially drug stores.

2) Martin O’Malley wanted to reduce the ever-rising Baltimore murder rate using tactics that worked spectacularly in New York City, and they did reduce Baltimore’s murder rate, therefore, Freddie Gray’s and every other death in police custody, and all the looting and violence are Martin O’Malley’s fault.

3) The City Paper prints it, so it must be true.

Ralph Reinoldi


Corrections: In “Bail Fail” (Mobtown Beat, May 20), we suggested that bail was always set as a 10 percent surety bond—10 percent of the face amount of the bail. Actually, the court commissioner has the power to demand the full cash bail, or full collateral. In addition, although the law requires licensed bail bondsmen to accept no less than 10 percent of a bond in payment, in practice many accept down payments of much less.

In last week’s feature on “The Wire,” (“Season Two: Too Much Money,” Feature, June 3), City Paper incorrectly suggested that the canal requiring widening in the show was the Panama Canal. It was the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal, which allows ships to sail north to New Jersey without first going south to get out of the Chesapeake Bay. City Paper regrets the errors.

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“Was ‘The Wire’ just another obstacle standing in the way of the city?”

The reality is that The Wire not only exposed the reality of many parts of this city, it also tarnished this city’s image. Many people I know from outside this area, only know what they see on t.v., so to claim that “it’s just a freaking t.v. show”, as if this fact is irrelevant, is quite disingenuous and flies in the face of the 21st century reality of the lazy US citizen who will never do his/her own research to find out more about anything. The fact is, Baltimore has many, many social illnesses that are not unique to this city, but which have been broadcast across the world, with no equally popular, counter balancing productions to showcase the other side.

There are good people here. Safe, beautiful and culturally significant places. Honorable and trustworthy public servants and community leaders, but for those whose only exposure to this town is what they see on there boob tube, they will only believe that we are nothing but a cesspool of corruption, drug dealing and murderous criminals.

— “MCB999,” June 8


I would suggest that it wasn’t “The Wire” that was “standing in the way of the city,” but rather the criminal culture it depicted, the fact that it was more documentary than wildly-fantasized fiction, and that said cancerous “culture” is still permitted (if not practically encouraged) to run roughshod over the upstanding and good citizens of this city, that continues to do so.

— “Alexander Mitchell,” June 4


To be entirely fair, this:

“Baltimore leadership resorts to messaging campaigns instead of confronting the realities facing the city”

...happens because that leadership faces no consequences for its actions.

— “janklow,” June 5


“Enough narcotics to keep the city intoxicated for a year? Checking Batts’ fuzzy drug math”

I love you city paper.

What also deserves remarking upon is how Batts and other law enforcement are also trying to use this claim to explain the recent distressing rise in murders.

Which makes even LESS sense, I’m told by people who know more about street-level drug economy than me, that even if 10x as many drugs were stolen as they say (and I don’t even believe their figures on doses of drugs with recreational uses stolen), that it would lead to ‘turf battles’ and violence. Nope.

It’s just all complete bullshit. You can’t believe anything these guys say. (Is anyone even trying to fact-check their claims of how many pharmacies were robbed or how many doses of drugs that can ‘get you high’ were stolen?)

They are desperately trying to regain control of the narrative about the Baltimore uprising, make it about criminal ‘thugs’ criming again, and they are desperately trying to come up with excuses for why the murder rate is increasing and it’s not their fault, it’s the uprising’s faults

— “j__nil,” June 5.


Just read this article and am wondering if this is for real or am I reading something from the Onion? Can someone explain to me how these looters somehow broke into the safes at these pharmacies and meth clinics? Unless they came with a tow truck, the safes are too big and heavy to be moved. And you can go at one of these things all day with a blow torch and a chisel and it wouldn’t make a scratch. It’s also ridiculous to think that they were left open….especially at 27 pharmacies. If so, there would be a lot of pharmacist being locked up.

— “OldUglyOne,” June 6


The Mayor said on 98Rock that this had nothing to do with the spike in violence in the city the past month. Of course she will probably deny it, just like she denied the “space to destroy” comments. How do any of the cities elected officials still have their jobs?

— “John Guy,” June 4


Because the addicts in the city can afford these pills? A lot of pills were stolen- and I do think some of the recent violence comes from this- but these pills will mostly be sold in the suburbs.

— “David Markland,” June 4


This guy is evil. He does very bad things. He needs a vote of no confidence and he needs to go somewhere else. Look what he did in SoCal. Stupid O’Malley brought him in. Martin is his supreme hubris was seduced by Batts’ numbers.

— “Ben Cricchi,” June 4

“Smile for the Camera: The representational Limits of ‘The Wire’”

The predicament of African American citizenship. “Black “ America is the mash up of millions of unrelated west African people violently and traumatically dislocated. Originating from non nation state beginnings they are expected to be absorbed into THE nation state responsible for their exile... hilarity ensues.

— “Chris Lee,” June 4

“Transphobic Caitlyn Jenner joke, purportedly on local restaurant menu, spreads on social media”

Christ. Why is everyone so suprised that nacho mama’s would do something like this, bro?

— “Todd Coleman,” June 8


With the struggle that transgender people face every single day. Where half of them try to kill themselves at some point in time in their life. I really find the joke distasteful. It’s their right to say it. But it is my right to be bothered by it

— “Rick Steinhauser,” June 8


I’m going to try not to hold the whole restaurant accountable, as I believe just one person writes the jokes on the menu, and instead think of it as an educational opportunity. However, I would like to see more of an apology after they get to the root of it. I’ll take this as an interim statement..

— “Beth Manning,” June 8


One person might write the joke but after it was printed the fact that no one who works there had an issue with it, I will hold the whole restaurant responsible.

— “Bambi Galore,” June 8


Todd Conner’s sells a donkey punch, which I think is in pretty poor taste. Sexual innuendo is one thing, but not when it’s a joke about sexual violence.

— “Tracy Marie,” June 8


There are so many things wrong with the “joke”. Mocking Caitlin Jenner is one but also shaming the girls for showing being naked. I may not like the Kardashians but shaming women for what they wear (or don’t) is insulting as well. Never going there again.

— “Terme Nobary,” June 8


Humor provides amusement. Making insensitive statements about a marginalized group in society isn’t funny.

— “Elizabeth Jones,” June 8


Wow...sense of humor is really getting scarce these days


So sick of having to be always on the lookout for offending someone from the group of the moment...can everyone just take a breath?


The Kardashians are marginalized?!


I’m going to start being pissed off and complain to anyone that will listen whenever I hear a red head joke or a short joke. How many souls did I steal today? How’s the weather down there? You look like a little girl! Come on short redheads, unite!

— “Jessica Schwarz,” June 8

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