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Yeah the gangs and criminals of Bmore City love some Shelia - Sorry I been living in the heart of the city for over 20 years, she did nothing for my city!



The dope smoker Marion Berry got reelected why not the thief? Baltimore is so screwed up!



When you keep doing the same thing over and over again and expect different results.

—“Edward F Whitfill,” May 14


She’ll be back the people will decide

—“Brian Robinson,” May 15


I actually met both of these guys tonight at the game, no knowledge of the sign - they were really nice and huge Os fans. Regardless, I have to say the positivity of the welcoming staff of the ushers and ticket takers, even the security guards who manned the outskirts of the stadium were so nice and kept saying “ Welcome back, Great to see you at the yard”.. etc. Instead of stirring the pot with the signs, Let’s move forward and focus on the positive kindness that was brought by tonight.



I can’t believe that young, drunken sports fans can be insensitive.

—“Josh Latta,” May 12


I know there are far bigger things in the real world than professional sports. For most of us fans, these sports are our healthy distraction from the real world. I have no doubt these signs were all about their love and support for the Orioles and in no way intended to mock or offend anyone or anything.


I hope for continued peace and smiles in Baltimore and huge crowds, cold beer, happy fans, and winning baseball in Oriole Park!

—“Scott Hoffman,” May 12


Is the article title and article itself a bit heavy-handed? Yes. But all of you calling out the CP for being a shitty anti-First Amendment rag clearly haven’t been reading it lately. Its coverage of the protests has been nothing short of stellar. I was at the game tonight and I’m glad I didn’t see these signs. Buck and O’s management have set a good example for the rest of the city in preaching empathy. Many O’s fans could learn a thing or two from them.”

—“Doug Hoepker,” MAY 11


I believe the coverage of last week by the city paper to be the best and most honest in Baltimore. So, Thank you. The signs are unnecessary to say the least. And diminishing . The comments here are kind of lame given the seriousness of demonstrations and conversations that City Paper was willing to have and cover. I’m grateful for it and bummed over the ridiculous signs.



Don’t Like. Such a shame when the team management seems to get it.

—“Eloise Fuller Putnam,” May 12


How lovely those two individuals are with their idiotic signs..I only wish they could have shared there beautiful art work with the crowds on Pennsylvania and North ave.

—“Virgil Simms,” May 12


A formally great independent paper that got bought out bitching about free speech.

—“Dh Warnock,” May 11


To DH Warnock: “Free speech doesn’t mean no one gets to criticize your speech. People have a right to be insensitive dick stains. But the rest of us have the right to call them on it.”

—“Michael M. Crook,” May 11


There’s always a few. Why report on it. Its attention they want.

—“Rick Steinhauser,” May 11


Their ignorance knows no bounds

—“Mike Smith,” May 12


There is such a tendency for two-bit journalists to create a sense of hysteria in everything. You must be exhausted, Brandon Weigel...

—“Shannon Williams,” May 12


You’ve got to be kidding me. Typical majority douchebaggery that populates places like pickles pub. What do you expect from bros anyway...not surprised by this idiocy.

—“Franco DiFolco,” May 12


@city_paper don’t let two dickbags ruin a great positive night. Fuck those idiots.

— “@BmoreBaker42,” May 11

“Black tourist attractions seek more promient role in Baltimore”

The answer to woes (perceived or real) always seems to be to appoint yet another committee or commission or caucus.

There’s nothing stopping these attractions from starting a private ‘committee”’or group to fundraise and pursue the same goals, is there?

—“Alexander Mitchell,” May 14


According to a reporter working downstairs from the City Paper, the Reginald F. Lewis Maryland Museum of African American Art and Culture at Pratt and President gets nearly $2.5 million in state operating subsidies annually. Attendance is around 38,000 per year, way short of the 150K visitors projected when it opened in 2005

Meanwhile, Great Blacks in Wax Museum (launched with $300,000 and firehouse from the city) at North and Broadway reports 150K visitors. If only 2/3 of those visitors pay $10 (the per person fee for groups, that means the place is bringing in $1 million per year. And they can’t afford the $225 Visit Baltimore membership?

Or maybe—and I’ll freely admit, I could be wrong here—just maybe GBIW is inflating their attendance numbers and the market for African-American tourism (except, say, for family reunions, etc.) ain’t all they’re cracking it up to be.

Regardless, why aren’t GBIW, the Lewis Museum, the Douglass-Meyers Center in Fells Point, etc. working together to cross-sell memberships and visitor promotion? Do they need the blessing of the city council to do that?

—“James Hunt,” May 15


@city_paper would love to see Jazz on Penn. Ave, but would take many x more investment than currently avail. Need to attract private $$

— “@eric_hontz,” May 14


Unfortunately, O’Malley and the other Democrats, that have been running this state, robbed the education fund blind. All of the casino money, which was supposed to be for education, was stolen for God knows what. Now they want it back. Smh.


“MURDER INK 5/13/15”

Murder Ink is among the most powerful and important weekly writings about our city of Baltimore. I would love to see a CP feature come out of it in which a local writer or writers presented an extended read (with photos) that really hammers home to the public who these lost victims were, what lives they enjoyed, and how the murder problem is impacting victims’ families and communities. I would love to know these people much, much more.

—“Jared T. Fischer,” May 14

“The Undercard: As Preakness looms, major changes may be coming for Maryland Racing”


—“Janet Beyea,” May 16


@baynardwoods @city_paper Can’t believe it’s been three years, seems shorter, that’s how fresh you always kept it..! #MissBaynard

— “@CorruptionWire,” May 18


@city_paper: .@mayorsrb at opening night of #Marley at @CENTERSTAGE_MD


To @city_paper: @MayorSRB yeah, she is! We’ve got a cultural mayor. Woo!



Irony: @city_paper has done great reporting on #BaltimoreUprising yet have no distribution boxes in sandtown/Winchester

— “@nivkbecjer,” May 12

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