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Klan Cabal?

After reading the commentaries in the recent City Paper edition (Mobtown Beat, May 6), it made me wonder what the public should expect. The NAACP has documented fact that the police department had Ku Klux Klan (KKK) members working as police officers in the department. Black America has thousands of lynchings, which the police department refuses to investigate because of the sickness within it. The good police officers we hear so much about these days (smile).

Leo A. Williams


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“City leaders, school officials, and the ACLU pressure Hogan on school funding”

Unfortunately, O’Malley and the other Democrats, that have been running this state, robbed the education fund blind. All of the casino money, which was supposed to be for education, was stolen for God knows what. Now they want it back. Smh

—“Steve Evans,” May 11

“Marilyn Mosby takes the stage with Prince at ‘Rally 4 Peace’; ‘The system is broken,’ he says”

as much as i want to harp on how bullshit the healing angle is this does sound like a fucking incredible show

—“Mike000,” May 11


It was all baltimore luv, and the best seats in the house were for the lowest admission.., the cheapest seats and general admission.

—“Thompson’s Mark-Infinity Series,” May 11

“Prince’s ‘RALLY 4 PEACE’ says it’s for Baltimore, but is it really?”

Either you want to raise money to support the people or you want to entertain a group for free. Those are two competing goals, and one has a more sustainable effect than the other. Which do you prefer?

—“Curveball,” May 10


Yeah but if it’s going to charity would you rather have a few thousand people paying a few bucks per person or paying $200-$500 per person? In case you’re not good at math that’s more money into the “as yet unnamed” charity. Really they should just charge ppl based on their income OH GOD I DIDNT SAY THAT OH MY GOD DELETE

—“Tim Finnegan,” May 10

“Op-Alt: The money spent to arrest and prosecute Freddie Gray for nonviolent crimes could have sent him to college”

WOW!!! Those petty crimes you refer too......I know someone personally who was murdered as a result of someone committing one of those petty crimes. “The case revolved around a Jan. 7, 2009 drug deal that police said soured. Prosecutors contended that Yates chased the buyer after realizing that the $4,400 in cash the man paid for a four-pound trash bag of marijuana was a roll of fake money wrapped in a real $100 bill. As the man ran with the bag, Yates took off after him, firing as the man darted across the lawn of 58-year-old Shirley Worcester, who was standing in the driveway of her Middle River home, prosecutors maintained. She was shot and killed.”

So please do not even try to say that these are petty crimes. Also remember, these are the crimes he got CAUGHT doing. FU for even trying to blame someone else for a criminal’s crimes. MAYBE HE COULD HAVE GOTTEN A JOB. MAYBE THE MILITARY. BEFORE HE DECIDED TO SELL ON THE CORNER.

—“Mike??,” May 7

“Op-Alt: Unite our city with equal access to services, improved quality of life”

The academic black approach to inequality. Stop calling our criminals that word they appropriated from other criminal culture. And give us stuff... not sure exactly what stuff, but just give it. Did you know hockey fans had a riot once?

—“Anonym,” May 7

“What’s Next? Six police officers have been charged in the death of Freddie Gray but convictions and the trial venue are far from certain”

The truth should not fear investigation. Although I also suspect that most of them will also likely get away with any wrong doing here, I strongly believe that we need more police to be investigated for any crimes.

—“Purely Coincidental Guest,” May 7

“On first try, Mosby convicts rapist acquitted in four earlier trials under Bernstein”


—“Lauretta Nagel,” May 8



—“Mary Pizzica,” May 8


Unfortunately someone else had to suffer again to finally bring justice

—“Shawn Mutter,” May 8


About gd time

—“Gwennie Ginny,” May 8


She’s a joke of a States Attorney but glad this conviction was made.

—“Wesley Wes,” May 9


We find no evidence that Congress intended to modify the nostrum to read, ‘crime does not pay, except for attorney’s fees.’

—“Make Big Money From Home,” May 10

“Machine Gun Mama Returns: Lightly sentenced machine-gun seller gets another 6 months in prison for again violating the terms of her release”

The judge is so nice and forgiving towards her. Wonder why

—“Kevin W Cranford Jr.,” May 9


She’s a perfect angel

—“Jay Decay,” May 9

“Court motion calls for Mosby’s disqualification in animal cruelty case”

Grasping for straws

—“Mary Pizzica,” May 8


If i’m brought up on criminal charges, I will file for Mosby to be recused because she lives in the city as me, which is a conflict of interest. And she also seems to value justice, so that’s bias.

—“Alex Rediger,” May 8

“Gang member says ‘Dixon for mayor!’; she says she’s been mulling a run”

Stealin. From the poor kids Xmas cards I don’t think I can get past that

—“Mary Pizzica,” May 7


Me neither.

“Jordan Bethea,” May 7


They All steal they just dont get caught. She was soooo much better then SRB. Give it another shot we miss you.

—“Nikisha Staton,” May 7


Do not bring back another criminal. We have had 3 consecutive crappy mayors. Lets get someone who is worth a crap. How about Brandon M. Scott?

—“Dave Bell,” May 7


I want Councilman Nick J. Mosby! I feel like Dixon would become our Marrion Barry. They both did great things for the sister cities, but at some point we need new trusted leadership to move the city forward will addressing the skeletons that remain in our collective closet given our cities history of systemic racism.

—“Stacey Jacobsson,” May 7


Because nobody saw this coming ...

—“Keisha MC,” May 7


I’d love to see Councilman Brandon M. Scott run, he has VISION

—“Adam Booth,” May 7


I always vote for the politician that the crips and bloods recommend. ALWAYS!

—“Marty Kircher,” May 7


Awww hell no!

—“Mary-Margaret Stepanian,” May 7


well if violent criminals want her then..

—“Chris Lee,” May 7


Those gangs are running the damn city

—“Linda Donithan,” May 7


I thought we wanted Baltimore city to be better...?

—“Sarah Fincham,” May 7


Forgiveness is in the bible .

—“Beverly Durant,” May 7


when did gang members become publicly accepted? I definitely missed this at the meeting... We even CALL them gang members... Like, oh, this is my friend the gang member, and he says yada yada. Fucking sin city.

—“Le Kyle,” May 7


She must have run out the money she stole. Just what Baltimore needs, another disaster.

—“Heidi Metalios,” May 7


If y’all think those gift cards were ever intended for “needy children”, then I’ve got a Bay Bridge to sell you ...

—“Fred Scharmen,” May 8


Seriously has to the dumbest shit ive heard in a while people do understand that dhe embezzled money right

—“David Udzinski,” May 8


Baltimore going down fast, embarrassment to the State of Maryland really ridiculous to take an opinion of thugs so seriously , We need another William Schaffer , the hell I would ever step foot in Baltimore ever again

—“Melissa L. Newton,” May 8


Now we take political advice from gang members? The world is going to hell fast.

—“Allison Staypositive Williamson,” May 8


Ridiculous article...

—“Monique Beutel,” May 8


I wonder if The City Paper will actively promote gang members the next time a kid is killed in the crossfire.

—“Jason Chachi McFly McDaniel,” May 8


If you elect her you deserve what you get. Have some balls and vote them all out.

“Rob Botti,” May 8


FWIW, when I lived in Baltimore, she was a pretty decent mayor, if you put aside the corruption stuff. Got stuff done that other mayors didn’t.

Of course, I left, because the city sucks. lol

—“Dan Sereduick,” May 8


Wow gang members. The voice of Baltimore

—“Marcus Griswold,” May 8

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