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On the bench, again

I don’t have a letter for your consideration, but I had to reach out and say that pairing those pics with the census numbers and leaving the visual information and stats to tell the (sad) stories of so many neighborhoods in decline was very effective. (Benchmarks Revisited, Feature, March 24) It was downright moving. Great piece!

Heather Hooper



The Mail 4/1/15”

“Baltimore–Birthplace of the Star-Spangled Banner”... Really...? With all the creativity and character of modern day Baltimore, the only thing they could come up with was a reference from a song that was written back in 1814 that half of America incidentally can’t remember all the words to anymore ? --- I like John Waters idea better... “Baltimore:The Last Bohemia”.

–“Larry Holt,” April 2


Where is good ol Willie Don when you need him. Now there was politician who knew how to motivate the public

–“John Santoro,” April 2

No Trivia: How White People Have Gentrified the Word ‘Gentrification’

Call it whatever the fuck you want. Fucked up, abandoned houses and crime have absolutely no tax revenue. They are a drain on any city and should just be eliminated as much as possible. I’m not saying that natives should be priced out, but it is time to take back the once thriving cities that have turned bust.

–“Legrand Santiago,” March 31


What do you suggest the solution be? I’m all ears.

–“Julia Kalthof,” March 31


Why is it wrong to make communities better? Obviously the “natives” can’t handle it.

–“Michael Button,” March 31


Let’s start with the truth. We still have to be PC even with obvious issues like this!

–“Michael Button,” March 31


So , basically, you just generalized an entire race of (white). If that generalization were turned around it would bring about a huge storm of controversy. “White people have more opportunities” ? What an ignorant statement. Sorry that our city wishes to better itself, as opposed to, sitting around romanticizing about crumbled buildings and poverty.

–“Steve Evans,” March 31


“But these are also studies from mostly white people, so we should be skeptical of their ability to tell more than one side of the story.” ---- Wow.

–“Charlene Cowan,” March 31


So, you want “engagement” with Watkin’s piece? He wrote a long, whiney, loose-on-facts lament for Lafayette Courts and Somerset Homes public housing which were demolished -- key point here -- not by Hopkins but by a black housing commissioner under a black mayor using a federal program approved by the Congressional Black Caucus. Under that program, Lafayette was replaced by (gasp!) traditional B-more rowhouses. And black people live there. Also, Hopkins did not displace thousands. Hundreds, and many were given top dollar for dilapidated rowhomes and were offered better places to live than the half-vacant ‘hood north of the Hospital. Other than that, great piece, D! Perfect for white-person-approved Salon!

–“James Hunt,” March 31


article says Hopkins uses eminent domain. That’s not correct. There may have been cases where City used eminent domain & . . . hopkins benefitted, but I can’t recall any. Hopkins can’t just put people out of their houses. they fought with that holdout in 3200 block of St. Paul for like 3-4 years before he sold for 7 figures.

–“@ThBaltimoreChop,” March 31


@ThBaltimoreChop EBDI’s plan “was also one of the country’s most ambitious efforts to seize private property through eminent domain.”

–“@City_Paper,” March 31


@city_paper still, not technically correct to say Hopkins seized property. The city did.

–“@ThBaltimoreChop,” March 31


@ThBaltimoreChop eminent domain is, by definition, a gov’t power, in this case carried out on behalf of Hopkins . . . “then-Mayor Martin O’Malley and Johns Hopkins University decided to remove 750 households in 88 acres”

–“@City_Paper,” March 31

Kevin Plank’s plans for Port Covington include evicting boat owners at the Baltimore Yacht Basin

? Are the developers and Baltimore Development Corp,running city hall.

–“Donald Smith,” April 2


Yes Donald they are.

–“Klinton Kinder,” April 3

Op-Alt: The injustice of a two-tiered education system in Baltimore City

Thanks Corey and Kristine for caring about all of our children!!!

–“Kim Trueheart,” March 31

Was Christine Ferrera crazy or just overcaffeinated when she spent 10 years writing comment-card letters to Starbucks?

Wow... What a colossal waste of 10 years of her life that she’ll never get back...

–“Larry Holt,” April 2


Writing is not a waste of time. It’s not like she didn’t keep it, or like she wrote just about the coffee. I think it’s intriguing!

–“Sarah Weissman,” April 2


it’s about as shallow as you can get. sorry.

–“Kzar Foster,” April 2


I don’t see it as a waste. Being able to release or vent is therapeutic

–“Valarie M Jackson-Saunders,” April 2


Everyone writes about themselves, it’s just who is more open about it.. we don’t know it’s shallow until we see what’s on it :--)

–“Sarah Weissman,” April 2


really stupid. and to send it to Starbucks is even funnier. that corporation is full of beans. I avoid it like the plague. BOYCOT STARBUCKS

–“Kzar Foster,” April 2

Hangover Helper: Red Star Bar & Grill fails to deliver on its reputation as a good brunch spot

Jimmy’s for the win, always. Everything else is amateur hour.

—“Suzannah Kolbeck,” April 5

Brokeass Gourmet: Three-ingredient strawberry frozen yogurt

Snap. Thought bourbon w/b 3rd.

–“@Rhoda_Zelle,” April 3

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