The Mail: 9/30-10/7

Readers are stunned we gave props to Larry Hogan. Stunned!

Redemption for Rodricks?

Sun stalwart Dan Rodricks is leaving his post at WYPR radio, and in your Baltimore City Power Rankings of Sept. 23-30, you cite Dan for incompetence. I think he is competent and that's it; he never rises above competence, a shame for the city's only annointed (by whom?) columnist.

Can't say I'm sorry to see Dan go. He never apologized for jumping on Marc Steiner's grave, nor has any one else at YPR. We remember that. Maybe now he has the chance?

I will miss him—such a delicious whipping boy: stolid, plodding, mediocre but nicely liberal and very good on some issues, ex-offenders for example

When you think of right wing talk show people like C4 or Derek Hunter at WBAL AM radio, Dan comes off as a prince. In his youth, he had potential. Can he ever redeem himself?

David Eberhardt


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"Reintroducing the Baltimore City Paper Podcast: Episode Two, on Young Moose and D. Watkins' 'The Beast Side'"

First time listening to Baltimore @city_paper podcast. Great stuff, looking forward to more constructive criticism/positive vibes abt Bmore

—"@_bwright_," Sept. 24

"After producing a hit for Jill Scott, D.K. the Punisher keeps looking for the perfect beat"

Congrats to @dkthepunisher for being in @city_paper ...very motivational piece

—"@_HISTO," Sept. 23

"Best Reason to Live in Baltimore: Baltimore Uprising"

I bow down to the writers of @city_paper Best of edition, but esp to the author of this gem. My heart swells.

—"@hanareddy," Sept. 20

"Bottega to re-open in Station North; owner also leases Red Parrot space"

Biggest news of the year? Maybe.

—"@iduncan," Sept. 28

"You can help historically document the McKeldin Fountain today"

One of my earliest memories of downtownBbaltimore was running around the fountains and throwing in pennies. I was maybe 5 years old

—"Maeghan Donovan," Sept. 25

"Baltimore City Power Rankings: Boss Hög"

We don't need another highway to no where.

—"Dave Marcoot," Sept. 23

Omg!!!! Alert the real media!!! The city paper didn't take a 100% imaginary liberal view on something and was almost (almost) biased!! I almost dropped my Pumpkin spice latte I was so astonished!!

—"Chris Vallejo," Sept. 23

"UPDATE: Mr. Wrong pockets $250K on 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire'"

NOW what can he bitch about?

—"FLYSCT4472," Sept. 25

"Mumia, the Writer: An interview with Johanna Fernández, editor of 'Writing On The Wall'"

Good job @city_paper for keeping Mumia relevant for your readership.

—"@zyrichardson," Sept. 25

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