The Mail: 9/23-9/30

Readers discuss Dan Rodricks, our Best of Baltimore issue, and more.

Editor's Note: Last week marked the end of the Short List, the weekly roundup of live shows in Baltimore and Washington, D.C. started by former CP Editor David Dudley and handled by a number of writers over the past 20 or so years. Most recently, it was Al Shipley who compiled the listings and cracked jokes at crappy bands' expense. You should continue to check the Music section of the Weekly for who to see and where.

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"Charles Theater closed following a shooting threat via social media directed at a screening of 'Black Panthers' documentary"

Assholes always have to ruin things.

—"Izjian Austin," Sept. 19

Whhahhh??!!!? This should result in the Charles banding all its patrons and staff together, jamming everybody in the damn place with food drinks and music, and showing nothing BUT that film for 24 hours in a direct act of defiance! Not obeying the disgusting threats of some racist like the threat is more powerful than mass solidarity!

—"Nico Soouaveh," Sept. 19

"Watch the video for Tate Kobang's 'Bank Rolls' remix"

Nice to see one of the youngins throw it back... New york does it all the time, why cant we??

—"Tommy Bee," Sept. 17


I was no fan, but my wife will be weeping tears of pure joy at his departure.

—"Francisco Cutter," Sept. 17

I was listening to WYPR earlier today and they're doing a fund drive... and I was actually planning to send them an email today telling them I haven't donated for the last several years specifically because of Rodricks' ridiculous behavior on social media, which is especially shameful for a journalist. Happy to see I can skip sending the email, and go ahead and make my donation!

—"Erin Harty," Sept. 17

I liked him, tuned in frequently. I'll miss his program.

—"Craig White," Sept. 18

"Best Place White People Will Eat At on Upper Greenmount: Thai Restaurant"

The Thai Restaurant award/ review is a deplorable, skewed, heavy-handed slap in the face to Thai Restaurant; I can say with confidence this review is racist, and white-privileged at the same time; it ignores that diverse people eat at Thai Restaurant regularly and that Thai Restaurant is diverse in its staffing (something CP is decidedly not). No matter how good the intentions were, some of the editorial white dudes at CP are demonstrating that they are "romantic racists." Wow, they should have to disclose who wrote these reviews, like they used to.

—"Jared T. Fischer," Sept. 17

Way to completely undermine the awarding of a very deserving restaurant. I'm sure they can't wait to hang this idiotic string of logical fallacies on their wall. Making a farce of an otherwise legitimate issue (race relations), really comes across to any rational human, as grasping. You guys should apologize to Thai Restaurant for this backhanded clickbait. Pretty embarrassing.

—"Matt Tull," Sept. 17

"Veteran journalist Karen Houppert has been hired as City Paper's new editor"

Stoked that @city_paper has hired Karen Houppert as an editor. Awesome to see a woman in a top leadership position in Baltimore media.

—"@JMizgata," Sept. 17

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