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"DeRay Mckesson begins run for mayor, with experience on state Sen. Ferguson's campaign to draw on"

Well said. It is going to take more than a new mayor to turn Baltimore around. City government is entrenched in its past and it may take more than a bright, young person to propel it into a successful future. No doubt DeRay McKesson will add to the conversation.

—"ecogordo," Feb. 7

"Mr. Wrong: Enjoy the Silence"

Won't believe the d@mn thing is finally gone until I see Mr. Wrong's Commodore 64 hanging from one of the gingko trees in front of 501 N. Calvert Street.

—"jamiehunt344," Feb. 3

"Baltimore's very real problems make for punchline in WaPo travel blog"

Lived in Bmore - in the BAD section - gasp! and not only survived unscathed, but loved every goddamned minute of it. The city has enormous problems and has suffered from some crappy leadership. But the people are some of the most decent, grounded folks you'll ever meet. Would move back in a heartbeat.

—"Joan Enstom Baird," Feb. 3

Try not to die. Haha. Cause shooting. Haha. The Post article really was legitimately disgusting.

—"Andy Phillips," Feb. 3

As someone who sorta recently moved from the DC area to Baltimore, the attitude of the WP blogger is unfortunately commonplace in DC - which is reason enough to move away from DC and head to charming Baltimore. I love bmore and continue to defend moving here to folks back in the DC area.

—"Gina Lofaro," Feb. 3

If this keeps people from DC out of Baltimore, I'm okay with that.

—"Sean Glenn," Feb. 4

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