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  • The Mail: 6/1-6/8

    The Mail: 6/1-6/8

    Clearing even more up about Roland Park Elementary/Middle I am writing to you in response to your recent City Paper article "The Million Dollar Inch: Roland Park Elementary/Middle School's expensive fiasco" (Feature, May 11). The article misconstrues the argument put forth by the Baltimore Chapter...

  • Homeless care provider responds to City Paper story from February

    Homeless care provider responds to City Paper story from February

    I am writing this letter in response to the writer of an article, by Ed Erickson Jr., in City Paper, dated, February 22, 2016, in which Mr. Erickson quoted disgruntled, former residents of my organization, “Belvedere Assisted Living,” claiming we had mistreated them. When in the course of catastrophic...

  • The Mail: 3/9-3/16

    The Mail: 3/9-3/16

    Not All Grad Students I write in reference to the article "The Anthropologist" (Books, Jan. 27) a pseudo-obituary for Professor Sidney Mintz of Johns Hopkins. Firstly, I would like to point the one accurate statement the author makes about Sid: Sid did shine his light on anyone who had the pleasure...

  • The Mail: 3/2-3/9

    The Mail: 3/2-3/9

    From the Web, Facebook, and Twitter "Little Italy political fundraiser funnels money to Pugh" Nice work, Baltimore politics is not just dirty but embarrassingly amateurish. FWIW, "Mondo Kane" is also the name of a documentary from 1963. Roughly translated the name means "A Dog's Life" or "A World...

  • The Mail: 2/24-3/2

    The Mail: 2/24-3/2

    Putting CP On Blast Is this really the best you can do? How much did Ed Hale pay for this drivel? No Murder Inc., No Power Rankings and no Mr. Wrong! The Calvert Street Corporate Boys have finally taken over. CP should just put on a sun dress and get ready for the Flower Mart coverage. C. D. Wilmer...

  • The Mail: 2/17-2/24

    The Mail: 2/17-2/24

    Pour some Tej Your Feb. 3 piece about mead (Eats and Drinks) fell short in not mentioning the Ethiopian national drink Tej. I encountered Tej while working at the now-defunct Red Sea Restaurant on Madison Avenue in Mount Vernon. Tej is sweet but crisp and—caution here!—about as strong as, say,...