Joseph Kent free, vows to keep up struggle for peaceful protest

Joseph Kent, the activist who was dramatically swept up by what appeared to be police and National Guard forces on Tuesday, was released from custody last night during his lawyer's, Stephen Beatty, interview about him with Don Lemon on CNN. 

"He was sitting in the box, no one was paying any attention to him, until about five minutes into the interview. Then they rushed his release," Beatty told City Paper. In an Instagram video released on Kent's account last night, the activist, filmed riding in a car, said, "Look, I'm back like I never left. I'm out. Look that was some smooth shit they did. I been doing this shit. I been, you feel me, trying to get this shit right, trying to get answers, you feel me, but I'm out here, I'm safe, thank you for the support." 

Beatty says that Kent is "planning on still speaking . . . and going out tonight." 

Kent was charged with violating the curfew and Beatty thinks the charge won't hold up. "The governor's order expressed no penalty," he said. "How can you charge someone for something and then come up with the penalty?" 

Indeed, the order states: "Violation of the foregoing provisions constitutes a misdemeanor and violators are subject to arrest," but it does not specify a penalty and "the statute governing each misdemeanor in Maryland provides the sentence for the crime," in the words of the website

City Paper wrote extensively on Kent during the #BaltimoreFerguson protests here last fall.

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