Bloods apparently arrested for curfew violation inside home, highlighting disparities in enforcement

In this video two gang members appear to be arrested for curfew violation by Baltimore Police while in a home. As first reported by Amy K. Nelson, at Matter, both men are pulled out of a bed and one of them, a Blood who gives his name as Flex, is only wearing long johns. The arrest comes at a time when police claim that gangs have united to target them and gang members insist they are finished warring with each other in order to bring peace to their communities. 

Flex explained what happened to City Paper: 

"Same day as the Mayweather fight we was being honored, they had a little party for us and everything, everybody knew. While we were on our way in the house there was a lot of individuals outside. Most of them that was across the street were Caucasian. They [the police] didn’t say nothing about that. It was after curfew. They never said nothing. They knew. They never said nothing to anyone about it. We walked in the house all of us went in the house and got comfortable. Me, I took my clothes off and got comfortable to lay down, in friends’ house, my family. And then we heard a big boom. They kicked the door down. They took me out in my long johns."

Check City Paper tomorrow for our full story on the truce.

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