The Jesus and Mary Chain

Nov. 14

“My favorite parts are the cheapest; when the feedback wells up over the chords in perfect pseudomelodic formation I feel as if I've been waiting to hear this music all my life,” wrote Robert Christgau, dean of rock critics, about the Jesus and Mary Chain’s seminal debut album, “Psychocandy.” The buzzsaw guitars and feedback are delightfully ear-piercing, but underneath all that noise are catchy pop-rock songs written with an air of nonchalance. The band eventually peeled back some of the squall for a stoned take on art rock similar to the Velvet Underground. Even though it didn’t resonate quite the way “Psychocandy” did, there are still plenty of gems to be found on “Darklands” and “Automatic” in particular. Back this year with its first album in nearly two decades, “Damage and Joy,” the JAMC, primarily helmed by Scottish brothers Jim and William Reid, can still hit those same sweet spots. 8 p.m., Rams Head Live, 20 Market Place, (410) 244-1131,, $27.50 advance, $30 at the door. (Brandon Weigel)

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