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Summer Food Issue

Baltimore’s favorite foods pay homage to the farmer’s market

Last year, City Paper did a “Smoke, Meat, and Heat” issue and declared our intent to “expand the definition of barbecue,” so along with what you'd expect, we also focused on pit beef, that Maryland staple, and vegan BBQ by way of “jackfruit,” a meat substitute that, as it turned out, quite a few of our readers thought was just about the grossest thing they'd ever tried to eat. This year, we're looking beyond BBQ with our Summer Foods issue to examine other local favorites. There's still plenty of grilling here—we spent some time with activist and cook Shorty Davis, who has been feeding BBQ to Baltimore for more than 20 years—but there's also some stuff here that's, well, a little lighter. Blame the oppressive weather, which makes it a harder for us to imagine standing in front of flames for an hour and then filling our stomachs with hot, heavy meats. So instead, there's a piece about the power of mint and its culinary origins; a look at the history of the Baltimore Peach Cake—and guide to making it; a paeon to fruit crisps and their savory cousins; and a selection of some of City Paper's favorite summer cocktails. (Brandon Soderberg)