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Sizzlin' Summer Staff Picks

  • May 18-June 4: 'King of Howard Street'

    May 18-June 4: "King of Howard Street"

    The Annex Theater closes its season with its first play at Mondo, the first building to open in the new “artist-owned-and-driven initiative to position Baltimore as a center for theatre and the live arts, nationally and internationally” taking over three Howard Street buildings, collectively called...

  • May 24: Bon Iver

    May 24: Bon Iver

    Justin Vernon, who records his ambitious solo project under the name Bon Iver (similar to say, John Darnielle's The Mountain Goats or Phil Elverum's Mount Eerie) made a big name for himself with 2010's "Bon Iver, Bon Iver," a record that mixed sad-bro indie folk with Talk Talk "Laughing Stock"...

  • Get a Beach Body

    Get a Beach Body

    It’s that time of the year again—time to shed your winter cushion and transform into a new you attractive enough to be visible, time to make that new suit worth the money. All your favorite IG celebs have been on it since February. So, here’s what you do—this is a guaranteed transformation: Put...

  • May 26-29: Balticon

    May 26-29: Balticon

    With a thriving comic convention, several gaming and comic shops in the city, and a cafe dedicated to all things great and geeky, Baltimore is a very nerd-friendly town. You can probably trace that acceptance back to the Baltimore Science Fiction Society, which has been holding it annual convention...

  • June 1-18: 'Men on Boats'

    June 1-18: "Men on Boats"

    Jaclyn Backhaus' "Men On Boats" tells the story of a group of American explorers in the West whose job in 1869 was to map the area around what we now know as the Grand Canyon. The play is based on the journals of John Wesley Powell, one of the explorers, but this seems to be far from a Great White...

  • June 2-4: Capital Jazz Fest

    June 2-4: Capital Jazz Fest

    OK so forget all about that naked-ass video from 2013 (and the ensuing copyright lawsuit from Marvin Gaye’s estate): If Robin Thicke is not a purist’s idea of a jazz man (an azz man, maybe!), there is no doubt he puts on a hell of a show. Even though the live act could never match the pseudo-erotic...

  • Have a Picnic

    Have a Picnic

    Now until the temperature dips below 70 degrees, the natural urge during the season of humidity and back sweat is to stay inside, assuming there is air conditioning. But you should go against this instinct and gather your friends to head outside and have a picnic. Baltimore has a lot of great green...

  • June 2 and 3: Nights on the Fringe

    June 2 and 3: Nights on the Fringe

    The Charm City Fringe Festival—a multi-venue showcase of relatively under-the-radar performers from Baltimore and beyond—only comes once a year, and it’s not until November. But you can whet your palate at the Baltimore Theatre Project this summer with two nights of theater, dance, comedy, poetry,...

  • June 2-25: 'Promenade: Baltimore'

    June 2-25: "Promenade: Baltimore"

    In the spring, Single Carrot took theatergoers around its Remington neighborhood as part of "A Short Reunion," a series of nine plays in people's homes and out on the streets. Now, the company will make the whole city its oyster for "Promenade: Baltimore." A co-production with Hungarian company...

  • June 3: Jermaine Dupri presents SoSo Summer 17

    June 3: Jermaine Dupri presents SoSo Summer 17

    I’m now at the age where the people behind hits of my youth are compelled—maybe by dwindling bank accounts, maybe because huge cheering crowds aren’t something you lose a taste for—to head out on the road for reunion tours. Last year, it was Diddy et al. and his Bad Boy reunion (which was great,...

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