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Revisit James Nasty's Roldatshitlightdatshit Mix from City Paper's 2014 Weed Issue

Earlier today, James Nasty hit me up to ask if we still had a copy of his DJ mix from City Paper's 2014 Weed Issue because apparently City Paper's Soundcloud wasn't hosting it anymore. I dug around looking for the password to our Soundcloud and perhaps, appropriate given our stoner/slacker reputation—no joke—no one seems to have the fucking password anymore. So James was kind of enough to re-upload the mix which consists of Baltimore club tracks old and new (the old ones pulled from my collection of club records) for your listening and ideally, smoking pleasure and you can listen to it below:

If you'd like to hear James Nasty DJ IRL, you can head to the Crown tomorrow night for his monthly event, Friday Night Magic. He'll also be playing a new after hours event at Factory 17 (formerly 1722) on May 6 with Dave Nada, where some of the proceeds will go to the Believe in Music Foundation.

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