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Premiere: Hear Schwarz's 'Jazz Cigarette' off his upcoming album, "Legalize All Drugs"

For 4/20, City Paper offers up a premiere of 'Jazz Cigarette,' a new track from Schwarz, the polyglot producer, DJ, and feelz-enhancer, who a couple of years ago was based out of Baltimore and is now in Los Angeles. The track is a mildly twisted take on hard bop jazz, like a '60s trio forever about to start a song but never quite starting it off, with crowd chatter, some smoothed-out guitar and bass licks, and some Tony Williams-esque drumming, and if you're listening closely, a few digital glitches, stutters, and cracks. Many years ago, back in late '90s, there was a thing called "turntablism" and for some reason, we thought it was cool to hear DJs dick off on a turntable, and DJ Kid Koala put out a song called 'Drunk Trumpet,' that scratched and slowed-up some jazz solo and it was really cool at the time. Not sure how it would play out now, but Schwarz's the mutant midi-bop of 'Jazz Cigarette' feels like an extension of that. (It also makes me think of this Abdu Ali release show for "Push + Slay" a few years ago where after the event was over, Schwarz just played some weird Mike Oldfield record—"Amarok," I think—and I was on mushrooms).

'Jazz Cigarette' appears on Schwarz's upcoming album, "Legalize All Drugs"—a sentiment I very much support—which will be out on May 5 on cassette and on June 9 digitally from Baltimore's ARs Media (who have also put out works by Needle Gun, Max Eilbacher, among others). Other song titles include, 'Weed Is Less Dangerous Than Alcohol,' 'Yes, Legalize Every Single Drug,' 'Wide Racial Disparities in Arrests, Prosecutions, Sentencing and Deaths,' and 'Iran Contra Affair.'

Listen to 'Jazz Cigarette' below:

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