Contact Sheet: The H2O International Gathering in Ocean City in Photos

"We are at the epicenter of H2O International, 2016, an annual car show (this is the 19th running) that is nominally staged 15 miles due west of here, in the Fort Whaley campground. But H2Oi (or just H2O) as it is called, is more than the advertised "barbecue and music fest." And it's way, way more than the assemblage of automotive tuning shops, aftermarket wheel suppliers, shift-ball vendors, product displays, video race arcade, and handy phone chargers set up by Volkswagen A.G., the show's co-sponsor. H2Oi, billed by founder and impresario Jay Shoup as "The 'Laid Back' 2-Day Volkswagen/Audi Event," is the peak social gathering of the year for East Coast fans, drivers, and modifiers of Volkswagen, Audi, and a lot of other import cars from Japan and Europe. Something like 5,000 cars will be in the park tomorrow, almost all of them lowered, hotted-up and/or emissions-non-compliant." Read more here.

J.M. Giordano
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