Baltimore '90s Block Party

Nov. 4

I would be remiss by not beginning this blurb by saying that it is in these moments where I truly miss former CP staffer Lisa Snowden-McCray, who would clearly write the shit out of a blurb such as this one, but she is now one floor below at the not-soon-to-close Baltimore Sun. So you'll have to endure my thoughts on this concert, packed with late '80s to mid '90s R&B, which pretty much means some heroes of New Jack Swing and all the stuff played at my middle school dances: Ginuwine of 'Pony' fame and, more recently, for an entertaining "Parks & Rec" cameo, 'Pony's' ubiquity in "Magic Mike"—holy jeez—and his brief Adult Chocolate Milk beverage Drink Of Choice (bet you forgot about that shit); Atlanta electro R&B-ers 112, best known for 'Peaches & Cream' (and the marvelous hook on Biggie's 'Sky's The Limit'); Jagged Edge, also from Atlanta though under the tutelage of Jermaine Dupri, who crooned the slippery, impulsive slow jam 'Let's Get Married,' among others; boner jam gawds Next ('Too Close'); and holy shit, the legendary Guy featuring Teddy Riley, who gets his own billing deservedly so for the most part, having been the sonic architect behind New Jack Swing, a kind of proto-rap and bullshit party music that all the other guys about to get on the stage worship at the altar to some degree. 8 p.m., Royal Farms Arena, 201 W. Baltimore St., (410) 347-2020,, $42.50-$198. (Brandon Soderberg)

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