Advice from the City Paper interns

For our first College Guide cover, we, City Paper's editors, asked ourselves, "What the hell do we know about going to college in Baltimore?"

The answer, generally, was "not much." We went to college mostly not-in-Baltimore, and for some of us, it's been upwards of 15 or 20 years since we matriculated. And given what some of us were doing in college, some of us don't remember all that much of it anyway.

So instead, we turned to current students at Hopkins, Loyola, UMBC, MICA, and Morgan State, many of them current City Paper interns, and they had all kinds of great specific advice-and some good stories-about going to college in Baltimore. And if you're a college student and are thinking, Holy shit! I didn't know that City Paper has interns, please go to for more info.

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