City Paper's Big Music Issue

Here at Baltimore's most musically inclined alt-weekly, we spend our days listening to the new music that comes in to us and many nights out watching bands and slugging back beers. People are always talking about how the music scene is blowing up or resurgent or getting national attention-and they're right. Baltimore has a ton of great bands. But even more important, we think, is the way all of those bands come together and bounce off of each other to make the sound of the city.

Our Big Music Issue includes stories on shambolic rockers J. Roddy Walston and the Business, West Baltimore rapper A$AP Ant, pop eccentrics Raindeer, and the Orioles' DJ. But the centerpiece is a playlist of over 100 unreleased tracks (available at, ranging from the country of Caleb Stine to the beats of Murder Mark; from veterans like Labtekwon and Cex to rookies like Bobby Donnie, who are spectacular despite having only recently formed.

For the playlist, we tried to reach as many musicians as possible. We appreciate the generosity of those who contributed and to Friends Records, Ehse Records, Mobtown Studios, Unregistered Nurse Booking, and countless others who helped us locate artists. If we missed you, we apologize.

We see these hundred songs as a giant sonic love letter to the city and the way it sounds right now.

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