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Sound Off Live!

Back in May, the Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts held a two-night live band competition at the Metro Gallery that gave local bands a chance to win a spot on an Artscape concert stage. Fifteen bands were chosen, including soul outfit Allie and the Cats, catchy indie-hip-hop-pop duo Yellow North, hip-hop outfit UllNevaNo, and acoustic ensemble ilyAIMY. Check for dates, stages, and times.

Dead Mellotron

Between Wildhoney-playing the Station North stage Sunday-and Dead Mellotron, Baltimore boasts two solid acts who deserve more attention for nailing that whole staring-at-the-back-of-the-eyelids groove. Wildhoney takes a more throbbing, post-punk approach, while Dead Mellotron slows dreamy shoegaze down to a warm, fuzzy buzz. The EP the group put out in December features four fine contrails of inner space, recalling the sort of uncomfortably numb brain-ether Flying Saucer Attack used to ooze in the 1990s. (Station North stage, July 20, 8 p.m.)

Lazlo Lee and the Motherless Children

This local trio looks and sounds exactly like you'd think people who grew up without a nurturing female presence in their lives would: insolently bluesy, borderline boozy, and a maybe even a little pissed off. The alliteratively named vocalist/guitarist, Lazlo Lee, possesses a great howl, and it is always refreshing when a garage-rawk power trio is smart enough to know that it doesn't have to reinvent the wheel to lay down a good time. (Station North stage, July 19, 5 p.m.)

Worlds in Collusion

The Red Room Collective's now-annual Artscape installment, for which the free-improvisation group puts together three days of solid performance broken into one-hour performance slots, now includes a comedy hour from Wham City, hip-hop from the Baltimore Boom Bap Society, classical Indian dance from Anita Sivaraman, and old-time music on self-made instruments from the Frontier Dentists in addition to such dependable improvisers as J. Graf, Lizz King and Gerry Mak, and Matmos. One of Artscape's best good times. (University of Baltimore Student Center, 21 W. Mount Royal Ave., 5th floor, July 19-21, noon-8 p.m.)

Bridget Kelly

This NYC R&B singer feels like she's been on the come-up for a few years now, but her Something Different debut isn't due out until September. If her "Special Delivery" and "Street Dreamin" singles are any indication, Kelly's sweet spot is the mid-temp soul stirrer that Mary J. Blige can do in her sleep. Fortunately, Kelly's voice has a touch of Blige's effortless intimacy, and with the Frank Ocean-penned "Thinking About Forever," Kelly has a not-gon'-cry slow-jam kiss all of her own. (Wells Fargo main stage, July 19, 6 p.m.)


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